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Volvo Genuine Parts

Designed, tested, and manufactured specifically for your Volvo.

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Genuine Cabin Air Filters

The cabin filter ensures excellent filtration in urban and polluted environments while also ensuring that vehicle’s climate components.

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Genuine Replacement Brake Components

Genuine brake pads and brake components are developed to work in perfect harmony with your Volvo’s brake system. Not all braking components are engineered equally. In order for Volvo’s semi-autonomous braking systems to work optimally, very specific compounds and materials are required.

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Genuine Volvo Batteries

A modern Volvo has some 60 systems and components that consume electrical current and this creates great demands on the battery. Volvo Batteries have been designed to ensure the greatest level of reliability, even under the most demanding of conditions.

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Genuine Wiper Blades

We recommend replacing your wiper blades every year, no matter how many kilometers you have accumulated on your car. Ensure that you and your Volvo both have a clear view by only using genuine Volvo wiper blades.

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Genuine Windscreens

The windscreen is one of the most important safety systems in your Volvo. It not only has to ensure an undistorted view of what’s in front of you, but it is also a critical component in the structural strength of the body of the car.

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Service Your Volvo

Volvo After-Sales Service is a story of customer service first and foremost. The Volvo brand offers a unique experience as a driver or passenger, but it also stands out when it’s time to perform maintenance and service as well. Our after-sales dealership experience will meet your needs while maintaining the optimum performance of your vehicle.

High-End After-Sales Service At Volvo Cars Hamilton

Recognized for their reliability, new Volvo models are able to preserve their performance for decades when properly maintained. By following the recommended maintenance for your Volvo vehicle, you ensure the performance, safety and quality that you value so much.

Volvo also offers its customers a wide range of accessories and original parts that are specifically designed for your vehicle. All repairs or maintenance at a Volvo dealer use original parts and accessories to maintain the performance of your car or SUV.

Volvo also offers several other services to its customers. For example, your vehicle may alert you when maintenance is needed and contact a dealer to make an appointment. This is just one example of how Volvo is always trying to simplify your life.

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